Founded in 2021, Studio Haras is an evolving studio that specializes primarily in book design, graphic design and bookbinding. 

Sarah De Laet, based in Flanders BE, has been working as a (student) independent graphic designer since 2020. Through her first Bachelor degree in Communication Management and PR, she gained the knowledge and experience that she can combine with the graphic aspect through her second degree in Visual Design at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. 

During her second degree, she developed a passion for paper and printing and bookbinding. Therefore, she did an internship at Tina De Souter and Elke Van Kerckvoorde.

She is always open to collaborate for new bookprojects. Feel free to contact her with any questions about book design, graphic design or bookbinding. 

Visual Design at LUCA School of Arts
Communicationmanagement & PR at Thomas More

Printmaking at Elke Van Kerckvoorde
Bookdesign and Graphic Design at Tina De Souter
PR and Communications at Wavemakers

Selection Nacht Van De Verbeelding - 2019
Jury Award - 2020
Collaboration with Buroform for their new 2023 calender - 2022
+32 (0) 471 17 60 35

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